The Tiramasu Flock

S & T Butcher – Edenbridge, Kent.

The flock was established in 1995 with the purchase of one pedigree ewe VJM 94010 Greybury orange with ewe lamb at foot she ran with purebred ewes and lambs that had been bottle lamb from the same home where I was helping lambing.

tiramisu sheep

The following year Roger Marriott at Greybury sold all his ewes and we bought VJM 97 006 Greybury Bert. Little did we know what a classic mix of bloodlines we had created, as this was the start of era both being of top French blood CHIRON and BOYE as well as the top two flocks in the country HDM and HMH and they don’t need a introduction, and to this day this is still the backbone of the TIRAMASU flock and are at the forefront of our breeding strategy as they say if isn’t broke don’t try and fix it

Over the years we did purchase two other females one was no good and the other has taken 10 years to breed something good and this only when put with a homebred ram.


As I come from a very commercial back ground our philosophy has always been to breed sheep with carcase and style and this is lacking in a lot of sheep, but there is one flock that dose have them both HDM now HNL, So with this view in mind all stock rams recently have come from this flock.

There dose have to be a mention of one other stock ram bought in that is SPS 00 006 he was and still is to this day the best Vendéen ram lamb I have seen and we have bred some good ones ourselves. This tup mixed with our orange and daughters was outstanding and took the flock to the next level.

On a trip to see Neil Howie we picked out 2 ram lambs and 1 shearling we bought the shearling this was Lyham DEPUTY he was a mix of Irish and French he left outstanding females but not quite the leg for show sheep, I mean size but it wasn’t long before we noted that one or two ewes kept producing the goods. And today all but 3 ewes descend from these sheep out of a flock of 46 breeding ewes. All lambs that are not kept for breeding are sold to DJ Fry he is a high class old fashioned butcher. (See butchers block)

The first year we showed it was daughter of 01 002 that stole the show at the Royal beating the previous years champion, that sheep was part of the team that took one interbreed championship and two breed championships, This was the start of and still is what we still aspire to do.

The flock has won breed champion at the main NSA sale at Builthwells 6 times in only competing the last 9 years.

The Tiramasu is the only flock in the country to have WON 2 INTERBREED CHAMPIONSHIPS and in 2012 making it as far as joint third and highest placed ram in the continental section at Royal Welsh show.

In 2008 one interbreed was at South of England show with a ram lamb TIRAMASU HALIFAX, he also took the breed champion at the Royal Welsh Show and won best pair with his twin sister and gained a lot of praise from a packed ringside for there style and shape and he took breed champion again in 2010 as a two shear ram

The next star was to be TIRAMASU JUST SHAWN he won as a ram lamb Any Other Continental champion at South of England Show.

As a shearling he went to visit Rollo Detschs ewes and worked very well. He came home after Morton show and had six months before taking on the 2012 show season the rest of 2012 is history. 2013 saw the females to the fore again with a Lyham Kennedy daughter out of a o1 001 daughter winning at the Royal Welsh

So look out for TIRAMASU Vendéens on the 2014 show circuit

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